If you have any questions about any of the guidelines we have in place, you can read more about them below. Please take the time to review these before your stay. If you have any further questions about these policies, please feel free to contact us.

The park speed limit is a maximum of 5km/h

Tents are not permitted under any circumstance.

One-bedroom cottages are intended for 4 people. Two-bedroom cottages are intended for 6 people. Any additional persons must be approved and a $20 fee per person may apply.

Please consider your neighbour. There is NO loud music, loud parties, public nudity, or profanity allowed whatsoever. All guests who disturb the peace and quiet of another guest will be evicted without a refund.

Check-in at 3pm or later. Check out by 11am. Late check-outs must be approved or charged a minimum of $50 per hour.

We are pet friendly. We charge $20 per pet per booking. Anyone who doesn’t notify staff of a pet upon checking in will be charged a minimum of $50. You are expected to clean up after your pet or an additional $50 fee will be applied.

Keys and Gate cards lost, broken, or not returned there will be a $30 fee.

A checklist is completed after every rental, you may be liable for any missing items.

Hardwood floors are very delicate and dents and scratches from mini sticks or any object you could be charged and $100 minimum to compensate for repairs.

All damages to any part of the cottage or its belongings will be charged accordingly.

Free cancellation up to 72 hours before the booking, after that full charge for booking.

Cottages are 100% smoke-free. Anybody that smokes in a cottage (including opening a window or a door and sticking your head out) will be charged $300 Minimum.

Garbage must be disposed of in the containers provided or a $35 fee will apply.

All dishes must be properly cleaned and put back or a $35 fee will apply. Staff must be made aware of broken dishes.